IYCCR (Indonesian Youth Care Coral Reef) as a Youth Movement to Matter Reef Ecosystem in Indonesia

23 Nov 2012


IYCCR (Indonesian Youth Care Coral Reef) as a Youth Movement to Matter Reef Ecosystem in Indonesia

Slamet Abdullah

University of Brawijaya, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Indonesia



Indonesia is the Maritim. Its territory consists mainly of water. Biodiversity is clearly visible along the waters of Sabang to Merauke. The beauty of equatorial emerald gem is starting to look beautiful and amazing when scour the depths of the sea. Jewel is nothing but a wide expanse of coral reef species, colors, shapes, and sizes. The wealth of coral reef ecosystems in Indonesia is one of the loveliest after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Caribbean. Marine life that includes more than 1500 species and one of them is an endangered species, and yet to be named. Basically marine resource conditions are good indicated by the condition of coral reefs, the many reefs in the waters of the more biota. Biota that rely on coral reefs is of great value in terms of beauty such as lionfish, sea wrase and butterfly fish as well as its economic value such as lobster and crab. Therefore, coral reefs in Indonesia must be preserved. But the lack of conservation, protection and conservation of coral reefs as well as public and governmental awareness is still lacking, causing loss of coral reefs in the waters from year to year, which led to reduced water resources, declining productivity, and the effect on the welfare of the people, especially in coastal areas. The importance of early education and understanding of the importance of protecting and conserving coral reefs in order to create a society that cares about the coral reef ecosystem is still relatively rare in Indonesia, and therefore the movement of Indonesian Youth Care Coral Reef aims to encourage the children and youth to develop a sense of love coral reefs with a variety of design programs ranging from education to the care and cultivation. With the move is expected to keep the next generation of inheritance motherland.

Keywords: ecosystems, biota, conservation

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